Dating an antique dress

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    I’m pretty sure this one is an oldie. I found it in a thrift store for 3 bucks, but it had a 200 dollar price tag on it that I recognized from a local antique store, just labeled “black lace dress.” No help there. It’s machine sewn, but hand repaired in a lot of places. No sign of there ever being any tags or labels. The seams are unfinished everywhere but around the collar. It hangs straight but I tried to get a pic of what the skirt area is doing. My dress form doesn’t suit it. Holding it up to me, it’s about calf length, maybe a tiny bit shorter. Its only got a hem in the back. This site is being a pita today about accepting my pics. I will try and upload some more if it’s necessary. Thanks for your help!

    1FADB86C-B08B-46D7-BF5B-25DE8677194D.jpeg 61E6550B-1D6C-494D-97B9-851074E48C3A.jpeg F4B2DAC0-8D05-44D6-B6EF-1EB4259AD483.jpeg 990B161E-0363-4C9C-B932-B4E6C9AFD272.jpeg
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    If it helps, it does have a bit of a skirt, and it starts lower down on the dress, at about the top of my thighs holding it up to me.
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    I figured it out. iPhone’s “live” pic option was the problem, if anyone else ever has a similar problem. Anyway here’s some more pics. The skirt is slightly gathered at the hips and flat in the front.

    94BD3B9A-1A9B-46EA-8790-467278BFAE1F.jpeg 28448F1F-CC17-4AB7-ABC5-EF44EBC6DE8A.jpeg 6E188A78-1514-44A4-90B7-07BE2A04EED2.jpeg
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    Thank you!! I think I will always remember finding it because it was pure chance and luck. Usually I go in and check out the dresses, then lingerie and then hats. I didn’t find anything and was heading to the door to leave and went by some racks on wheels with newly priced stuff. I saw the lace hem sticking out of the bottom and checked it out. I’m so in love with this find!!
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    How fab. One of those run out the door with it as fast as one can finds.
    Just lovely.
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