Dating Asian style dress 40s?

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    Could anybody help dating this asian style dress?
    The closures look 20s - 30s but I´m not sure if the dress is that old...
    I have not found anything about the brand either...

    Thanks you!

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  2. vintagevixen

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    There are lots of details about Asian dresses that make them hard to date sometimes, but the fabric of your dress looks most likely 1980s or 90s. That being said, it's a vague assessment. I have seen some Asian dresses that are next to impossible to date with real conviction.
  3. Jonathan

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    That fabric made me immediately think of the 1980s too - those brightly coloured prints on damask patterned silk are so typical of then. However, the snaps and hook/eye, and the label with the old style phone number all suggest an earlier date. Most of the cheongsams you find over here were made in Hong Kong for Western export and have labels like Victoria Royal or Dynasty. This one looks to have been made for the local Hong Kong market (and that style was almost exclusively made in Hong Kong). The English label and phone number suggest it was intended for local English-speaking clients. I think it may be early-mid 60s judging by the length - very Suzie Wong era... Found this pic of Nancy Kwan in 1960 wearing a dress with a similar colour palette.


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