Dating blouse/bed jacket

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    So both of these items were on the same hanger like they went together and maybe they do for all I know, but I suspected not. I think the darker one is definitely a bed jacket, but is that true of the lighter one or might that be a blouse? It only has two closures. Both have tiny pinked seams. The lighter one is silk and the darker is some slipper satin. They both came from the same estate sale as that butchered dress I just posted.

    2726D846-8AF6-4677-9A81-C25F52FF9A58.jpeg 4EC48DEE-5575-4D92-A2FB-3DC1E9DADD34.jpeg 5636DCAC-F128-4FE1-97B8-2A26C8ECB6BE.jpeg 4110FC4F-A92D-4B19-9396-D3889273ABDF.jpeg DD5DBA42-91FE-488C-86F0-9088A924CB34.jpeg 19EDCBD9-2156-49D4-A2E4-A6345E59CD95.jpeg 1C52110F-AD16-4033-9F0B-18E2D8F41046.jpeg 6037A324-9A38-4447-88DC-CE374485A83F.jpeg 200FD1B9-65FE-4254-8FD6-D4F1F81A870F.jpeg
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    I'm thinking maybe '40s for the second one? Just a guess..
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    Thank you. I thought as much but just wanted to be sure.

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