Dating fantastic beaded dress

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  1. acceber

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    I’m looking for a date for this awesome dress. It’s wicked heavy. It has a side metal zipper and pinked seams. I can’t say I’ve ever seen a zipper like that with two little hinges and that metal stop. No tags or labels anywhere. I think it’s crepe. At one point it was 2” longer. Someone took it up. The waist is rather low and gathered on one side. Thanks for your help!

    28B43B19-BA37-4F0B-918D-548FAF847469.jpeg 0DE000E9-2FAD-4EE7-B2FA-62971360116E.jpeg F1DDEA44-C0D0-4738-B40E-4D2F1E78384A.jpeg 37D6C6D7-D28E-494A-9FB2-64225D296B43.jpeg 2BC46CDD-DA6D-4A3B-A86F-E15FCFE0DFE6.jpeg DD3C1CAF-4541-4949-9A7E-87EACE976135.jpeg D0DABEFC-8797-475E-AC2B-F7906DE71E44.jpeg 3C274ABA-FFD7-450D-B523-39EC074BC719.jpeg 000BD88D-4F02-4911-8DE6-CE451EEB5DA7.jpeg 73EF92C6-F06C-4074-B947-B86EEBFEE84D.jpeg EC08FD32-317A-4267-A059-1A62CDA0F76B.jpeg
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  2. acceber

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    Just bumping this up.
  3. northstarvintage

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    Gosh that's a beaut! I'm seeing 40s/50s cusper.
  4. Jonathan

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    Concur 1948-1951
  5. acceber

    acceber Registered Guest

    Thank you very much!

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