Dating green lace long coat

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  1. acceber

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    This thing is fantastic. The collar reminds me of the 70s and the sleeves remind me of the 60s. There are no tags but the lot tag with a half size. The seams are unfinished. Thanks for your help!

    D7B88655-A0D3-454A-B207-3376EBC91A05.jpeg 37585630-3487-43B0-8A7E-0997E119326C.jpeg 34324298-B9BA-43D1-B752-597684B3F86C.jpeg F8A6A43A-CCB3-40AA-A132-8B40F87B6290.jpeg D3C3AF80-C47F-4259-8C6F-EA36B1FF9AA7.jpeg 13EDC5AF-D12F-4AF6-9699-DD472B440F73.jpeg
  2. Vinclothes

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    I think it may be the coat part of a 1960's coat and dress ensemble.
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  3. poppysvintageclothing

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    I agree with Marian. This is part of a 1960s ensemble outfit. The dress would have most likely been a simple sheath style with perhaps just the bodice of the dress being the same lace and the bottom being a solid rayon or silk.
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  4. Rue_de_la_Paix

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    I agree with the 1960s dating. While it is not a true Cluny lace, it was made to imitate that style of lace.

    Very pretty color for spring.
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  5. acceber

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