Dating help with Creeds Leather purse (60s? 70s?) and help naming closure/clasp

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion Q & A' started by laurenm, Oct 31, 2019.

  1. laurenm

    laurenm Registered Guest

    Hi There everyone,
    This purse has an interesting clasp that opens when you squeeze the strap of the looped handle together. Is there a name for such a clasp?
    Also, not sure of dating here....thoughts?
    Thanks for any help

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  2. Jonathan

    Jonathan Trade Member

    It looks 60s to me - not sure about the name of the clasp lock though...
  3. laurenm

    laurenm Registered Guest

    Thanks Jonathan. I can't find any reference to Creed other than a perfume company.
  4. MaryLC

    MaryLC Registered Guest

  5. laurenm

    laurenm Registered Guest

    Yikes. Just realized I used “Creed’s” in the title of this post but the label is “Creed”
  6. laurenm

    laurenm Registered Guest

    I've found another possible label this was made for "charles creed" (apparantly the outfit Mata Hari was killed in was designed by his father (according to wikipedia!). Could this be the design house of this purse? I don't see him in the Label Resource.

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