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Dating my vintage fur coat, Help please!

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Show and Tell - Share your treasures' started by pauline, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. pauline

    pauline Registered Guest

    The subject of real fur here in the UK is HOT topic, as I had never owned one before now I have always tried to stay neutral as some of my frends views are on both sides of the debate.
    If one did come up for sale at the right price and in my size I did think that I would consider it.


    Last week I was offered a 3/4 length mink coat at the right price and in my size so my neutrally ended yesterday as I collected it ( a bad photo below as I decorating a room where I normally take my photos did not want to risk getting paint on it)

    It is a 3/4 length mink ( 34" shoulder to hem) do any of you agree with the date of 1940 /50 or can suggest a better date.

    Inside embroidered onto a small pocket are these letter is this a makers lable or the owner initials ?

    On the satin lining there are designs all over it like the one between the collars


    Thanks so much in advance Paul.
  2. Hi Paul, your coat looks 50's in style to me and yes, the topic of fur is a tricky one isn't it? I think the general consensus is that if someone feels the need to wear fur, then better to wear a vintage piece than a newly manufactured one.

    Your coat was made over 50 years ago, before central heating was the norm. Real fur was worn because it was the best (and sometimes the only) way to keep warm. You're not contributing to the new manufacture of fur but as with most things, some people will agree and others won't.

    Those embroidered markings look more like initials rather than a manufacturer but perhaps other members can help you out with that.
  3. Linn

    Linn Trade Member

    I am fairly sure the initials are the monogram of the original owner.

  4. pauline

    pauline Registered Guest

    Thank you Louise, I am please to here you also think it is around the 50's.
  5. The Vintage Merchant

    The Vintage Merchant Administrator Staff Member

    PAUL I LOVE YOUR NEW AVATAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. pauline

    pauline Registered Guest

    oh now I wonder who could it be, I hate mysteries

    Thank you:
  7. pauline

    pauline Registered Guest

    Thank you Marry, it's the closest I got to my beloved 20's so far
  8. The Vintage Merchant

    The Vintage Merchant Administrator Staff Member

    i had an aunt that lived in NYC, had a coat made for herself which was nearly exactly as yours except that hers was a bit longer; hers was made in the very late 1940s.

    oh, and Elizabeth had her initials embroidered into hers as well.
  9. pauline

    pauline Registered Guest

    It is possable that this did come from the US as the dealer buys some of her clothes in bulk from another dealer, if it is UK I personally think it more mid to late 50's
  10. missproper

    missproper Alumni

    I love your new avatar photo too!
  11. Paul! Just realised that our haircuts are the same! We have exquisite taste - what can I say? :sunshine: Your coat is fabulous by the way!
  12. pauline

    pauline Registered Guest

    I do not regret buying this coat for my collection because you cannot get away from the fact that they are part of fashion history, it was not a easy decition to make to include one in my colection as it valid if only a historical point.

    Wearing it makes me feel a little guilty, I cannot even decide if I suit the look. :eyebrow2: and should it be something I enjoy wearing , it's odd!

  13. Your coat looks great on you. :)
  14. pauline

    pauline Registered Guest

    Thank you Louise
  15. awaywiffairies

    awaywiffairies Registered Guest

    Know how you feel Paul, it's a real conflict of emotions isn't it. I feel exactly the same way wearing my fur stole and I was only wearing it around the house last night (well it was chilly and I had the lurgy!)...but my oh my it's warm and cosy though and for me it deeply evokes a bygone era :)

  16. pauline

    pauline Registered Guest

    I totally agree with that, I not going to go out wearing mine or any of my outfits out in public even on the web thinks can get a little warm about this topic.
  17. awaywiffairies

    awaywiffairies Registered Guest

    Taboos taboos I say boo to them! As long as no one's hurting anyone, but I'm pretty open minded anyway. Live and let live is my motto.

    One of my fave films of all time is Some Like It Hot and Tony Curtis looked so amazing and cute dressed up (I had such a crush on him when I was a nipper, sigh).

  18. Midge

    Midge Trade Member

    Looks great, Paul! I like your dress too :spin:. Yes, fur is tricky... I've never had a real fur piece and know pretty much nothing about. I can't see a fault in buying a vintage piece of fur though, as Louise said.

    Here in Zurich, there are some traditional furriers around still, but you see almost nobody actually wearing fur. It's a whole different story though in Vienna, where my best pal lives - there you see women wearing fur here and there. My pal bought about three vintage fur coats/jackets on sale at one of the local secondhand shops, they cost almost nothing and she looks smashing in them - so why not... She doesn't wear them every day, but for an occasion like going to the theater maybe.

    My family and I rent a stall at a flea market about once or twice a year, it's just a monthly country town flea market, and we sell all sorts of stuff we don't need anymore there. Last year we had two classic short fur coats to sell, from an aunt of my cousin's boyfriend. We didn't ask a lot of them because we had expected that it would be difficult to sell them. It was interesting to see people's reactions to them - practically every woman walking by our stall looked at them! The fascination still is there. And we sold them pretty soon. One lady bought one because she liked it - and she looked really good in it. The other one went to a lady who has a stall at the big fruit & veg market in Zurich - she simply needed something really, really warm to wear on cold mornings.

  19. BijouVintage

    BijouVintage Alumni

    you look fab in the coat Paul:drinking2: very classic:drinkingtoast:
  20. pauline

    pauline Registered Guest

    Thank you both very much , I have a feeling that a lot of ladies would wear furs and matbe here in the UK they are a little scared to.

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