Dating nightgown and robe

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    I’m assuming this might date to the 40s, but might it be a little older than that? The little shoulder inserts and that low cut back have me second guessing. Both are cut on the bias and have little pinked seams. No tags or labels. Thanks for your help!

    36F06C43-5155-49D2-9C51-D489398EB344.jpeg 94C80EE1-B91D-49C3-A215-134BC88191AB.jpeg DAC53F0A-3810-4D51-BD8E-DBE7C666A3FA.jpeg 3F1983FA-3255-42D3-9C20-A45D1277E6A6.jpeg F94CAB6D-3CF7-4534-A3CF-34E5F487CB9F.jpeg B3079B45-7169-4567-81D9-2159773EDA35.jpeg D1A85F0B-1710-47EE-BE43-9CFA4C889394.jpeg 8D10F53C-69FE-4DF4-8CE8-F3A5C6A3C933.jpeg ADB31DBC-5385-4282-BDF7-524E61C05963.jpeg BBC0320F-8662-4D65-A0CF-90B5E33CE45C.jpeg D6996172-03B0-4811-868D-5C4B41524120.jpeg BAC9D131-42DA-4BBF-A009-54BEA1804549.jpeg E2E8BD7D-298F-4C77-AC04-380B544CF029.jpeg
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    I thought I would share some more pics since I thought it was a little washed out in the first post. The robe is a different fabric than the nightgown. It’s sheer but I don’t think it’s nylon or chiffon.

    4602EE46-D2F7-4C56-A962-A44BD1143DFE.jpeg 64CF1FD4-7C6C-4799-AD36-2ECFAB060438.jpeg 4664AE5D-CC7E-48F2-BA08-7DE89408FAF7.jpeg 647A267D-830E-41B5-B9C0-EFF59D84B6EE.jpeg 6471D4FE-9F6D-4143-B3EC-EA84236998A3.jpeg CE9CA9D6-0195-4BFE-86D2-FF4248A4F24A.jpeg 026A44DF-00E7-4CD5-8D65-794F3A57A6C3.jpeg
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    very pretty! I would say 30s on the set. That would be a chiffon on the dressing gown, chiffon is a weave and can be found in rayon, silk and acrylics.
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    Thank you!

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