Dating possible re-worked antique cotton calico dress

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    Hi all - I've got a lovely antique cotton calico print dress, however, the construction makes me believe it was up cycled / re-worked. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

    The diamond buttons are glass mother of pearl. There's hem tape and a few fabric patches that I did not see until I turned her inside out. One snap closure at neckline.

    Thanks much!

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    Love the dress! Do you still have it?
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    The hem tape is wrong for the period. It looks like a c. 1915 dress, probably bought through a catalogue (those small scale cotton print dresses were popular with rural clients) but I don't like the hem tape - that's a much later feature than the dress. I am trying to think of the earliest I have seen hem tape and I can't think of anything prior to 1940s - anybody else seen it earlier? For this period it should have a wide bias-cut cotton band, probably in black cotton and about 2 inches wide. So it has either been hemmed up or rehemmed more recently.
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