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    Hello! I found these shoes at an estate sale recently, but I'm not sure on the dating. Thanks for any help!

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    Hello, I think your slingbacks are '50s, early to mid '50s before the stiletto and pointy toe came in.
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    I would place these in the 1970's - from the 'all leather' which indicates man made materials were more commonly used at time of manufacture, the wood-effect sole which is a 70s trait, the straight backed, horse-shoe shaped heel and the buckle design, which is on the larger side and squarer than those in earlier decades.
    I can certainly see where Nicole saw 1950's, they are very much reminiscent of that period and the style was around then, but small differences like the depth of the peep toe are telling to my eye - a 1950's version would be more covered up (no toe cleavage).
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