Dating Two Fabulous Purses

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    Hello Everyone. Once again I am coming to you with a couple of accessory related questions. These two very cool (and very different purses) were fun estate sale finds and I am trying to see if I can date them. The first is a silvery (probably pewter) knuckle clutch purse with a hard body, the other a blue beaded purse with a metal chain strap which has a bit of an formal evening vibe to it. Neither have any manufacturing marks I can find (at last on first inspection) but they're both pretty great in very different ways. Thanks again!

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    The other one - relatively new. What does the inside label say? The handle looks like a knuckle buster...
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    Hi everyone!

    Pastperfect: I am very happy to hear that your opinion is in line with mine - I was guessing '20's but I will be honest - I simply don't know enough about bags from the 20's to be certain it mightn't be a nice revival piece from later in the century.

    Amandainvermont: So unfortunately I cannot find a company name - the inside label only says Made in China. So I mean that would certainly mean it had to be made relatively recently, but beyond that not much of a clue as to era.
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