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    I found this article from Sports Illustrated while looking for something else, but it's interesting. There's a link for the complete article.

    This is the info I found most interesting:

    To the Davidows, the award came for "continuously contributing to the American Sporting Look over the past 10 years." Their Davidow suits of soft-colored plaids and tweeds are by now an American institution. They have been made and sold in this country for more than 30 years, first by William H. Davidow, father of the brothers, who started the family business in New York in 1880 with the manufacture of men's shirts and women's skirts. Coats and suits were added to Davidow's collections in the '20s, and the firm has made its fame and fortune on the now familiar three-piece ensemble: coat and suit of matching or harmonizing fabrics. The style of these suits changes only subtly from year to year, and this seems to be a secret of their charm to the wearer, who knows that her outfit will always be recognized as a "Davidow suit."

    In the past five years, since Gabrielle Chanel returned to the couture in Paris, the Davidows have revived an old connection and have bought and reproduced the designs of Chanel in this country. The firm, which bought from Chanel during her first great period in the '20s, is currently shipping a spring line of 12 Chanel models. Davidow uses many of the same fabrics in its Chanel adaptations, and changes the models only in sizing to fit the typical American figure. "Davidow," says Hector Escobosa, president of I. Magnin Co., "makes Chanel suits better than Chanel makes 'em."
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    Thanks, Claire. I've come across a few Davidows over the years and have more appreciation for those finds more after reading your posts.
  3. Thank you. very interesting information. I have found the Davidows that I have or had have always been extremely well made
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    I've had a few Davidows, too, including a teal suit I just listed. While doing so I looked into the patent number tag and found it had been issued in 1943 for a novel method of using less fabric (wartime) while maintaining the proper drape and line. Nifty, no?

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