Diane Von Furstenberg 70's Wrap Dress Pattern Name?

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    Hi Everyone! Long time lurker, occasional poster ;)

    I've finally decided to part with a vintage (new with tags!) DVF wrap dress that I've had for several years. It's time to admit I'm never going to grow a foot and fit into it lol. I know certain prints are more popular than others, but I have no CLUE how to hunt down the names for the vintage ones- every google search turns up thousands and thousands of results for the new ones, and a mention of a couple vintage ones. Is there some magic print name database out there somewhere? Or by chance does anyone recognize this one?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    wow, that's a good one!! and a great question! anxious to follow the responses here for you.
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    There are a couple of books on the subject. A bit of a long shot, but if you don't want to buy a book, maybe you could get them from a library.

    Diane Von Furstenberg: The Wrap

    DVF: Journey of a Dress

    The seccond book certainly appears to have lots of images, but whether it names the prints is another question

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