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didi jackson help on dating this rainbow stripe pleated blouse item / information on the brand etc

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by Tran Nguyen, Oct 10, 2021.

  1. Tran Nguyen

    Tran Nguyen Registered Guest

    I picked this top up at salvos and it was so cool I bought it despite its steep price! I just wanted to know if anyone had information on the designer / help dating the item. I suspects 80s but I'm unsure. I've tried researching the designer didi jackson but there isn't much information out there. Its made of polyester. I've come across a fashion designer called didi jackson thanks to photo / newspaper archives. Any information would be appreciated x
  2. GemGem

    GemGem Registered Guest

    Could you show a close up picture of the seams please? This will help determine age, also a clear picture of both sides of the care label. It looks quite retro rather than true vintage but the photos will help.
  3. Avantbo

    Avantbo Registered Guest


    I can't find a Didi Jackson, designer, you have, could you let us have your source/s.

    I did find Lydia Jackson, her great use of colours and sleeves, there is a resemblance to me and wondering if they are the same person.

    I think your blouse is much later then the 80s but the card tag does suggest 80s.
  4. Vintagiality

    Vintagiality VFG Member

  5. Midge

    Midge Super Moderator Staff Member

  6. Avantbo

    Avantbo Registered Guest

    I forgot to reply and agree, great piece of sleuthing.

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