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Do Cosmetic Items Like This Do Well?

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by vintageclothes-line, Jun 3, 2004.

  1. I'm on a roll taking pics. I remember my Mom wearing rouge. Before blush. Made little round red spots on your cheekbones. Still a good amount left in this one, too. Case is metal. What do you think? Do items like this do well and I'm thinking 50s but it could be earlier.<br><br><center><img src=http://image.inkfrog.com/pix/magnolia3/rouge2.jpg><br><br><img src=http://image.inkfrog.com/pix/magnolia3/rouge3.jpg><br><br><img src=http://image.inkfrog.com/pix/magnolia3/rouge4.jpg><br><br><img src=http://image.inkfrog.com/pix/magnolia3/rouge5.jpg><br><br></center>
  2. fuzzylizzie

    fuzzylizzie Alumni

    This one looks 40s to me.

    I've never sold any cosmetic items because I keep any I find. I like to have a compact, hankie and other "purse stuff" in each of the vintage handbags in my collection. It makes it fun to open them and see all the little goodies in there!

  3. Lizzie, what a great idea. I might just keep this one. I think you are right on the 40s date.

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