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    I found this blazer in my grandma's estate. I know that it was purchased at Eickhoff in Dusseldorf, Germany because their label is also sewn into the blazer. However, I can't place the label. Has anyone seen it before? Any ideas time wise?

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    Just a little more info on Eickhoff. Eickhoff was a luxury/designer fashion store on Düsseldorf's famous "Kö" (Königsallee), their most prestigious shopping street. The family started with a fashion salon in Lippstadt in the 70s and played apparently quite an avantgarde role in the fashion industry in Germany for some time, supporting then-new designers like Versace. In 1981 they moved to Düsseldorf, and they closed in 2014.
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    Karin, that's very interesting. If they were in the US, we could blame Macy's for their demise.
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    Well, the reason they actually gave for giving up for their business was that all the big designer brands were establishing their own stores, making it more and more difficult for people like them who are independent and sell many different brands. They even talked about a German designer whom they'd helped build her brand, only for her to move out on them and open her own store. It also said that their shop location was going to be rented to Dior after they closed...

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    Genny an italian label

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