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    I just watched this - it's also available online to watch in French or German (just change the language at the top right corner).

    This documentary is based on the drawings and sketches by Dior, and also shows some of the work he did before 1947 - which I hadn't been aware of either.

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    I can't seem to find it in English, when i tried to click the link in the top right for English (EN) it took me to a new page. Searching 'The Designs Of Christian Dior' while on the English setting brings up zero results as does 'Christian Dior'.

    I did start watching it in French but i'm missing too much (though of course the designs and sketches are beautiful to just look at).
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    The TV channel itself is broadcast in German and French as it's a German-French joint venture, so what you can watch online of their TV content is only in those two languages (but you get absolutely everything the broadcast in these two languages). The content of their English website is unfortunately different. But I still post these things here, as you can rewatch a lot of their stuff online with no limitations based on where you are located, and it is the channel with the best documentaries, hands down.
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