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Does Anyone Else HAVE to Earn a Living in Vintage?

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Chatter - Anything and everything' started by denisebrain, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. Our DH's should get together LOL. Or maybe we want them as far away from eachother as possible!!

    He suggests "5 o clock the computer is off" but with customers all over the world it isn't always possible to have a neat and tidy schedule. Of course, people are usually pretty generous as far as knowing that there are time differences, but I have missed an order or two where someone wanted a special outfit for an event and wanted it overnighted, and they went somewhere else because someone else happened to be able to get back to them quicker.
  2. Renderking Fisk

    Renderking Fisk Registered Guest

    Well, someone’s been ringing my bell. We’re on the same page.

    I have a great idea that’s a big idea that encumpass’s many small ideas. I’m taking everything that’s important to me, putting it on one website… attracting more and more readers everyday and using that to help other like-minded people or people with similar intrests promote THEIR imporatant things.

    I want to help others promote what THEY’RE doing as a way to perpetuate the Retro-Culture. If someone has a jazz album that they want to promote but don’t have the time on a website, I want to do that for them. If someone is making a period film or writing a period piece that takes place durning my favorate era and want’s to promote it, I want to help them out any way I can.

    I host links to news stories that I think are important to people who are afficanado’s of The Golden Era (20’s-1950) with editiorals and commentary, music and keeping folks up-to-date on period films and other media. I have more features on the way to make The Fedora Chronicles more interactive, and I’m looking for ways to get it to pay for itself.

    Besides raising my sons and keeping the house in order, there’s nothing more important. This is my reason for living, this is my reason for being. I am constantly thinking about my year old site (Unoffcially June – Officially October) and how I can make it better.

    Every month I want to ad a new feature to the website that will draw people in. This month I did two. I set up an FTP account that will allow folks to download their own pictures on The FC server – And I added a Poll feature that askes folks intresting questions. Better questions are coming… I swear.

    What MORE can I do for the folks? What MORE can I offer? What’s the absolute MOST I can do to keep this train I call a website on the tracks and rolling to it’s next destination?

    I want you guys and gals to stay in buisness so that my readers and I will have somewhere to go and buy the vintage goods and clothes that we need and want.

    Don’t give up. Please. Just keep at it. There’s someone out there who’s looking for what you have, it’s just a matter of bringing you people together.

    Keep the faith. And give your familes and Spouces time to figure out that what you're doing is worth while.

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