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Especially for Maureen - Footloose and Famolare

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Chatter - Anything and everything' started by Patentleathershoes, Dec 18, 2004.

  1. In my latest newsletter that just went out today to customers, I included a copy of an ad from the 1981 Richard Avedon Famolare shoe campaign featuring Joe Famolare.

    Maureen (vintagegrace) really liked it so I thought i would post all the photos for her (and your!) viewing pleasure


    The Dream-a-lare sandal:

    The Golden Sole:

  2. bartondoll

    bartondoll Guest

    Chris, your newsletter is great!

  3. Thanks Sue, it was a lot of fun to put together. I learned a lot when researching the red Famolare Moccasins I have in my mall store. I know I don't like to offer anything for sale until I am sure I know a little more info to pass on to the new owner.

    I will keep bumping this thread up until Maureen sees it. :)

    [size=-2]Oh, and if anyone that doesn't get my newsletter wants me to forward them a copy, I would be happy to...just send me a U2U with your email address and i will send it to you.[/size]
  4. Ah, Famolare!

    Such memories of high school daze and the coveting of those shoes. All the rich girls had them! I wanted a pair soooo bad! I don't think I ever got one.

    Because we wore uniforms to school you could only wear brown shoes. So naturally the girls with the rich parents wore Famolares (which was 95% of the girls - it was an all girls high school - were talking girls who drove Jaguars to school). The rest of us smoes wore the cheap knock-offs!! I can't even remember what mine looked like and I can remember most every pair of shoes I have ever had! (a strange affliction!)

    I must have blocked the h.s. shoes out of my mind lol! Ya well, I blocked most of h.s. out of my memory!! Expect for the memory of an 80-year-old nun (Sister Anna) literally running after me down the hall yelling, "Get back here young lady! I've checked your grades and you can't afford to be fooling around!!" This was after she caught me and my friends causing a ruckus in the "math lab" and we scattered like fleas! I was running as fast as I could down the hall way to get away from her but that old nun just keep on a'coming. I have a very vivid memory of making it to a big set of double doors and bursting though them with full force into the fresh air and bright sunlight, laughing my head off!

    Ah, such a stinker!!

    Now see the memories you have stirred Chris??? :P

    xxoo ~ Maureen
  5. Thanks for the memories. The funny thing too is I have a blocked out piece of time from 8th to 11th grade where i don't really remember my shoes either. maybe too much teen angst LOL. But i DO remember shoes from grade school and college very vividly.

    Ah...nun memories. We had one nun at our school. Sister Lorraine. The guidance counselor nun in polyester pants and it was the 80s. But she would cry at the drop of a hat. Not the best characteristic if you are in that job. kids used to make up sob stories so she would cry. And then she would cry because we didn't get permission slips in on time/money to take the ACT/SAT tests etc...

    And then in grade school the other 4th grade class had Mrs. Johnson who was 90 and still teaching. (now, there are folks that are sharp as whips at 90 and she was a nice lady, but she should not have been teachinf full time anymore) she wore slippers with knee high stockings around her ankles and curlers to school and fell asleep in class a lot. They gave her the "gifted and talented" math class because they thought they would be less rambunctious than the rest of us rabble (i was only gifted in the reading dept but was no way talented at math- actually it bored me, so i didn't have the pleasure of the math class) They wouldn't think of asking her to retire because she had been a teacher there since it was a one room school house in rural wisconsin (i kid you not!). and she just stayed on with each new building that was built over the years.

    I bet if she is alive (and she would be REALLY old if she was) she would still be teaching there.

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