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Fabrics by Stroock coat - help please

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by EndlessAlley, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. EndlessAlley

    EndlessAlley Alumni

    I have this wonderful Stroock fabric coat. I read that Stroock was famous in the '30s & '40s for creating exotic fabrics with llama, vicuna, alpaca, cashmere, etc. Not sure how long the company was in business

    The fabric in this coat is called PREFERENTIA by Stroock. I am trying to find the content of this fabric. It feels like a wonderful heavy cashmere to me. There was a catalog made called "Fine Fabrics by Stroock". -but I don't know how to find it.

    Any suggestion would be appreciated.

    Coat is a clutch coat with a large shawl collar, so am I looking at late 40s or 50s???

    Thanks everyone.
  2. EndlessAlley

    EndlessAlley Alumni

    back collar with "sunburst design'? on coat
  3. EndlessAlley

    EndlessAlley Alumni

  4. Coutureallure

    Coutureallure Alumni

    Stroock gave their fabrics exclusive names and I find lots of references to Preferentia in the newspaper archive that I subscribe to, but none of the ads states the fiber content of the fabric. They just refer to it as "soft". If it had a luxury fiber like vicuna or cashmere, it's likely that would have been mentioned. I did find an ad for your exact coat from 1960. I can't post it here due to copyright issues.
  5. joules

    joules VFG Member

    I was stuck between late 50s and early 60s on this coat. Thank you, Jody!

    Love the pick-stitching on that collar. Nice coat!
  6. EndlessAlley

    EndlessAlley Alumni

    Thank you Jody for your help. I would love to know more about the newspaper archive you subscribe to. It sounds like a wonderful resource to have available.
  7. Beautiful coat - I was going to date as late '50s to early '60s too.

    Wonder what this mystery fabric is made of? I guess you could get away with stuff like that before fabric content labels became obligatory.

  8. MyVintageCocktail

    MyVintageCocktail VFG Member

    Omigosh, Alice--I had almost that exact same coat a few years ago, but the label was gone. I'd swear it was your coat's identical twin or darn close to it!

    I've had, and still have, several Stroock-fabric coats, and very few of them have had any indication of exact fabric content. I suspect yours likely has some cashmere in it, but is blended with something else. If vicuna, it would be labeled, I'm sure. Most of mine have been longer, rougher-napped "camelid" wools (like camel--lol) or blends. But the coat I had like yours was definitely cashmere or cashmere blend, but not labeled as such.

    I think your coat is very late 50s.
  9. EndlessAlley

    EndlessAlley Alumni

    Thanks Nicole & Anne. Maybe that darn vicuna label fell off! :scratchchin:
    This is such a beauty - I'm going to have a hard time parting with it.

    Yes it definitely feels like a cashmere or cashmere blend. Wish I could find that catalog, "Fine Fabric of Stroock.

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