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Fake Dior label?

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Fashion - Ask Questions Get Answers' started by TLotstein, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. TLotstein

    TLotstein Registered Guest

    Hi everyone,
    I found a Dior suit today in a vintage shop. The owner will sell it to me for £60 ($100 USD). The girl working mentioned that the label might be a fake. I took a photo of it and compared it to the Dior labels on the VFG Label Resource page:


    and half of the tag in my photo matches half of one of the labels on the VFG page (the photo from a late 1950s/early 1960s dress courtesy of poppysvintageclothing).

    However, since it's not an exact match, that does not mean it IS a fake, right?

    I wanted to ask you guys about it. The shop can only hold it for me until Monday or so, and I wanted to put this up. Thank you!
  2. TLotstein

    TLotstein Registered Guest

  3. MyVintageCocktail

    MyVintageCocktail VFG Member

    Hi Tara! (Thought you'd be back home by now--hope things are going great for you!)

    A post on thefashionspot.com makes reference to a Marc Bohan dress worn by Leslie Caron: "Together with this marvelous summer set, is an image of Ms. Caron wearing it on location in Jamaica for the making of the film Father Goose (co-starring Carry Grant) from 1964! It is labeled "Christian Dior - London Ltd. / UK Regd. / Modele Original / Made in England" and numbered."

    So it would appear that the label itself could well be genuine (you're right that simply not appearing in the label resource doesn't mean it's definitely a fake). Whether or not the label is original to the garment is another issue! Someone could have taken a label from another item and sewn it into this suit. Did you snap a picture of the entire suit? Someone here might be able to make a good guess as to whether it's an original or not.
  4. Jonathan

    Jonathan VFG Member

    That label is not a fake - its the real thing for Christian Dior London boutique. That's a very good piece (on a par with Paris boutique but secondary to Christian Dior couture) and you should GRAB it for 60 pounds. Marc Bohan was the designer for CDLondon until he took over at CD in 1961. I have forgotten who took over as the designer for CD London after 61.
  5. TLotstein

    TLotstein Registered Guest

    Hi guys,
    VintageBaubles, nice to hear from you! :) I would love to be home right now, but I'm still in Glasgow and about the head for the continent as part of my degree's study abroad. I'm really looking forward to it! :-D

    Jonathan, thank you for your information. I appreciate it very much.

    Before I heard back from you 2, I -emailed the woman at Couture Allure and she told me that the lining should be set in by hand and the skirt lined, in addition to the high quality and craftsmanship.

    I asked the owner about the suit. She said she bought it in England at auction, not from an individual, and that from the looks of the suit, it is probably the original. I forgot to mention that there is a Harrods tag sewn in near the bottom of the jacket, and that the size tag is sewn into the seam before the seam was stitched (esp. the latter, told to me by the seller). I didn't take photos of me in it (my camera is difficult to use at the moment), but I did turn it inside out. The skirt lining appears to have been replaced, as it's a lighter Navy than the lining of the jacket (which appears to have not been replaced [due to tags still as is]), but it's a very good reline job. The shop owner herself bought it because of the quality of the suit,not because of the label. She thinks it's an original, due to the conditions where she bought it (at auction, from an estate in England). I can go back tomorrow and have someone snap a few photos of me in it.

    Thank you again for your comments and I'll check back tomorrow, GMT time.

    PS: It's not for me as it's a (UK? presumably) size 16. I thought I would get it for my mom as an early Christmas present. It would be difficult to alter so I could wear it.
  6. TLotstein

    TLotstein Registered Guest

    Hi guys,
    I went back to get the suit today and took photos. They were done quickly at school, but I hope you can get an idea of it. I can take better photos tomorrow after I charge my camera overnight.

    Thanks again,
    PS: Here's the link with the updated photos:
  7. pauline

    pauline Registered Guest

    I not the expert to tell you if it genuine or not, the way I look at it would be, is it worth £60 to you even if it's not genuine if so then buy it and if it turns out to be Dior that's a very big bonus for you , this way you cannot be disappointed with the outcome as either way you end up with a nice suit.
  8. MyVintageCocktail

    MyVintageCocktail VFG Member

    I agree with Pauline. I can't make any guess as to the suit's authenticity from the photos, but if you think your mom would love it and it's her size, why not buy it? It is a lovely suit in its own right, and if it's worth the $100 to you as a gift to your mom, then I'd go for it! Dior or not, it's hard to find a high-quality suit for that amount, regardless.
  9. Linn

    Linn Super Moderator Staff Member VFG Past President

    I agree with Pauline and Anne - if you think your mom would like it, go back and get it!

  10. Midge

    Midge Super Moderator Staff Member

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