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FAQ: VFG member searches for Ebay, Etsy and Ruby Lane!

Discussion in 'PUBLIC VFG News - Announcements and events' started by Retro Ruth, May 8, 2013.

  1. Retro Ruth

    Retro Ruth Queen of Tech Staff Member

    For a good experience when buying vintage, you can't do better than choosing VFG members for your shopping. To make it easier to find our members on Ebay, Etsy and Ruby Lane, we've set up some special searches, and added them to our Member Directory.

    There is are searches for several country's ebay sites (US, UK, Canada and Australia) and a search for Etsy and Ruby Lane. The searches will show all listings from VFG members, all over the world. On each site you can use the categories on the left to refine and filter your search, if you are looking for something specific, and if you want to localise it to your area.

    Click here for the VFG Member Searches on Member Directory!

    About the Member Directory

    If you aren't already familiar with the Member Directory, why not a take a look around? You'll find all our members shops, both online and in the real world, divided by country. You'll also find our members social media pages, blogs, books, and fashion history websites.

    Click here for the main page of the Member Directory. You can also always find it from the VFG website Home Page, by clicking the Shop VFG Members button.

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