Fashion at Museum of Modern Art

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    If we did this exhibition at the FHM we would get complaints. There are maybe a half dozen interesting artifacts in the show, but for the most part it looks like a shop of contemporary, boring artifacts that you could find in a thrift shop. MOMA forgot that people like to look at nice things in museums. It is the antithesis of the Dior exhibition in Paris, which has too much pretty to take it all in. The MOMA show looks like the contents of a book - the 100 most iconic pieces of clothing from the last century...
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    Thanks for sharing this! I had never heard of Bernard Rudofsky, and really love both his plaster figures and the buttons and pockets charts!
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    i love the link you share
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    It is about time that people realize what is considered "FASHION" should and cannot be determined by the ultra-rich or the top % of society. Although pretty to look at, it isn't realistic.

    While I see so many brick and mortar shops closing, the charity shops, thrift stores and flea markets are always full. People shop online for EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT not what "designers" tell them what they SHOULD be wearing.

    I think people look at what designers present for inspiration. I think people without style and lots of money keep the "fashion" designers in business BUT normal-income individuals who care about style coordinate simple, iconic pieces like a simple black dress, jeans and even hoodies.

    I might "dress up" once a week but normal people aren't going to "events" every day of the week. We are wearing t-shirts and ball caps. Skirts and blouses, etc.

    Maybe a 1940s sweater every now and then!

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