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    This summer I decided it was time to liquidate my library. Many books are now listed in my Etsy shop - anothertimeantiques. These are the titles so far that relate to vintage fashion history :

    Aldens Catalog Fall Winter 1950-51
    17 Booklet Course - The American System of Dressmaking and Ladies Tailoring 1910
    Dress Design and Selection, Hopkins, 1935-1940 copyrights
    Fashion Fundamentals, copyright 1947 & 1950
    Manual f Home Making 1920
    The Language of Clothes, Lurie
    2 Booklet Set - Dresses, Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts & Sciences, 1922
    The Peacock's Tail (men's fashion) Pearl Binder (fashion and culture)
    Booklet - Speech - The Part Synthetic Fabrics Will Play in the Post-War Period, c 1945
    Spiegel Catalog 1988 Holiday Collecte with Erte' cover
    Costume Prints, 6 set lithographs famous historical women (for framing)
    Sears Catalog 1974 SOLD - more catalogs coming
    Sears Catalog 1975 SOLD

    Although my shop is set for US shipping only - you can contact me for a special Reserved Order to ship internationally.
    More is coming.....!

    I've so enjoyed the study of history thru fashion - it really teaches a lot.
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    Of course I keep adding to that list - lots of Mary Brooks Picken fashion/sewing course booklets from 1920s are now on plus an almost complete course (17 issues) of sewing from American System of Dressmaking. These booklets teach much more than just clothing construction.
    And today I put on my group of Vintage Fashion Magazine all issues of 1990 - the first year it was published. I'm pretty sure lots of our VFG members are in there!!
    carnival emoti
    I remember being so excited when this magazine came out - it is beautiful and very resourceful. Sadly, it didn't last.
    It's in the Etsy shop now - link below

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    Barbara, those are GREAT magazines and books! I'm so tempted by those Sears Catalogs--such a great reminder of high school/college days! Thanks for posting this.
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    thanks much! I have several more catalogs to list.... still need to work them up. It's like a trip through a movie every time I open one of these!!

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