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    Rochester NY had a great store "back in the day" named Edwards & Sons. It closed in 1972. Sad because it was a favorite in our family. I still have mom's "metal charge plate" somewhere in a box!!

    This dress was sold from that store in the late 1960s. When I found it in an estate, the closet was full of summer shifts from that period and most all still had tags! This gal has remained, closeted, in my inventory till just this week. She need a cleaning and I had been lazy. Finally just "threw it in the short cycle" and line dried. Some old stains remained and I was bummed. So.... left out on the line while we went away camping.

    Wha La! I came home to a perfectly clean and super condition dress! I call that my Me & G Laundry. washingmachineemoti

    Picture 1 is before cleaning
    dressbutterfly (13).jpg

    These are after cleaning - the colors are sooooo Miami & kitschy fun
    dressbutterfly (1).jpg

    dressbutterfly (7).jpg
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    WoW that came out leaving out on the line worked like a charm. How long were you away, Barbara? I know I have had some success with leaving items out but at other times they have faded, this one sure did not fade!
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    Gotta love those butterflies!
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    I wish I could just do all my laundry that way. :)
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    oh that is CUTE!!
  7. Sweet dress and looks lovely after it's freshening up!

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