Finding 100% bulky wool for knitting project?

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  1. lindapoirier

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    My sister-in-law has offered to knit a Mary Maxim sweater for me using five different vintage patterns. She can scale up the rocket and cowboy to adult size and I have a colour scheme worked out.

    However, Mary Maxim does not offer all those 4ply colours anymore. We need bulky wool in CORAL, SPRING GREEN, BLACK and ECRU ( ARAN ).

    Knitters, where do you buy your 100% wool? Are there any online resources? Thank you, in advance if you can help.
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    I used to get great yarns at School Products in NYC. They are still open and you can shop online. They have frequent sales. ; )
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    I am looking at
  4. bycin

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    Purl in NYC is wonderful too.
  5. lindapoirier

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    I bought at loveknitting. Wool was 15% off and I got 15% off for first time buyer. I saved $100. $238 for the wool - merino superwash bulky.

    Charcoal, grapefruit, lawn and birch. It was so weird to have to buy birch instead of white because every single Mary Maxim I have had patina'd the white to ecru. I want my sweater to look old so I had to buy the patina'd colour.

    My sister-in-law upsized the "Indian Head" child's pattern. She actually used wool of the same gauge to practice the pattern I want on the back.


    My "Indian Head" will be coral ( watermelon), spring green ( lawn) and black ( charcoal). The background patina'd white ( birch ).

    One arm will be an oil derrick, the other a totem pole. One front side a cowboy with a rocket on the other. All patterns are going to be coral, spring green and black ( Mary Maxim colours names). The background will be all patina'd white ( birch ).
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  7. lindapoirier

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    My sister-in-law and myself were worried because the wool seemed not chunky or bulky so she quickly ( which is profoundly amazing to me) knit up one sleeve using the birch. Mistakes and different wool used to finish up in order to get a sense of dimensions.


    Somebody pinch me!!!! Looks amazing to me!!!!!! I can't believe that my ultimate sweater might actually get knit!!!!!!
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    you can always knit a tension square to make sure your friend's knitting style (loose or tight) matches the manufacturer's guide for no. of stitches/rows per 10cm/4" square (usually) or just measure a section of that arm. Looks great to me :) I've started picking up vintage balls of 100% wool when I find them because it's so expensive to buy new nowadays. I tend to only find quite fine yarn though.
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  10. lindapoirier

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    She asked how I want the cuffs and collar and I wanted to use this idea from a vintage sweater.


    And to have the lawn green, grapefruit and charcoal always combined ... she started with the cuff tonight. I may be biased but I love these colours together!

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    Shaking my head in wonder - at your sister-in-law's skills and at what a great sweater this is going to be!
  15. lindapoirier

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    I KNOW!!!!!! I am excited!!!!

    We decided on buttons because the wool isn't Mary Maxim 4 ply so a zipper didn't seem as feasible.

    I found these great extruded apple juice celluloid buttons from my collection.

  16. lindapoirier

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  17. lindapoirier

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    Thanks. I am very happy. It is beautiful, IMO!
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  19. lindapoirier

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    Thanks. I sent a couple of photos to Mary Maxim to see if they like it!!!
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