Found this at the Salvation Army but can't date, looks hand made.

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    DCD973FF-22C0-432F-9EE7-72380EE81C9D.jpeg C7FB9509-9379-4FEA-B3DA-B4A2E9B8D1C7.jpeg 31B5E903-8EE4-4E1A-9EF2-192434411499.jpeg I found this beautiful kimono style blazer at the Salvation Army, it looks like it was hand made at home. It has no lables of any kind, nor does it look like it ever had any to begin with. It does have 3 weights in the back on the bottom hem and the design is sewn onto the fabric. I have no idea if it is new or old, it looks a little older to me but I'm am just starting out and am learning as I go. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you.
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    I'm a little bit late, but I think you'd get more info on your blazer if you posted it under the "Vintage Fashion Q & A" Forum. Best of luck!

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