Fresh Vintage from VFG Members - Thursday, Oct. 25 - Wed. Oct. 31

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    Members of the Vintage Fashion Guild are listing "new" vintage items every day. This is the place where they share their most recent listings.


    Butterick, 1929 Costume Patterns
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  8. Now available on my website.

    A pair of 1930s vintage fur or dress clips in an Art Nouveau style with faux pearls
    30s 40s-dress clips-fur -brass-pearls-vintage-anothertimevintageapparel.JPG


    Vintage 1960s long lariat tassel style necklace with detachable faux pearls

    Very cute vintage sewing pattern for high waist shorts, bermudas and a fitted blouse XS

    1930s black plastic deco belt buckle

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  13. Thank you, Laura! My photos don't do justice to the Leopard or the Lion scarf. The silk is so pretty!
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    Available at the Vintage Fashion Guild Shop on Facebook (check it out - all my listings there get an extra discount compared to my Etsy shop :)):
    1970s novelty print blouse with matching camisole - XS
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    I knew I'd had it from a VFG member, but I couldn't remember who :). I love it, and I have worn it (even on business occasions!) but realistcally it is just a tad too tight even for me...
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