Fresh Vintage from VFG Members - Thursday, Oct. 4 - Wed. Oct. 10

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    Members of the Vintage Fashion Guild are offering new vintage clothing and accessories in their online shops every week.

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    Lots of GREAT stuff from everyone, but Holy Cow Hollis! flagemoti

    I've been buried in listing Vera scarves of about 1960 to 1980 vintage. By the time I'm finished with this batch, there will be about 50 in my shop. Here are a few of my favorites (a couple of these left to be listed). They're in my Etsy shop, in the scarves section:

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    Listed at the VFG Facebook shop:
    1960s shirtwaist dress - B42 (sorry - it looks better laid out than on my much too small manni...)

    Listed on Etsy in my vintage pattern shop:

    Late 60s nightgown / bedjacket pattern Simplicity 8457 B31.5-B32.5

    Lutterloh supplement no. 104, ca. spring 1967
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