Fresh Vintage from VFG Members - Week of March 2 - March 8

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  1. amandainvermont

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    Every Thursday we ask members of the Vintage Fashion Guild to share their most recent listings with us here. (limit 5).

    Vogue 1951.jpg

    Vogue - 1951
  2. amandainvermont

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  6. jazzbug

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    1 of 2 new chic wedding party portraits in our Etsy shop, today. . . this one originates from Detroit, MI
  7. Marzilli_Vintage

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  14. Midge

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    1950s circle skirt with Mexican village motif - S

    Early 1960s Lutterloh The Golden Rule pattern drafting book with 362 patterns

    1940s suit pattern Anne Adams 4781 B34
  15. The Vintage Merchant

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  16. The Vintage Stylist

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