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Fresh Vintage Jan. 16 - Jan. 22

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Fresh Vintage' started by amandainvermont, Jan 16, 2020.

  1. amandainvermont

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    Trade members of the Vintage Fashion Guild - Please share your most recent listings here.


    VFG member Jonathan Walford is curator for the Fashion History Museum in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.
    The museum's feature exhibition this year is WARdrobe - the influence of war upon fashion. Above, from the museum, are two English tweed coats, c. 1942/43 (left) and c. 1945/46 (right), with CC41 (Controlled Commodity 1941) labels.

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  7. Vintage-1970s-Positano-Charles-Lapson-Velour-full-1A-700x2-10.10-851c906a-r-cccccc-6.png
    Vintage 1970s Positano Charles Lapson Velour Shirt Scenic Landscape Print
    available at My Vintage Clothes Line on Ruby Lane

    Nicole Miller Football Novelty Print Silk Necktie Tie 1991
    available My Vintage Clothes Line on Ruby Lane

    Gone With The Wind Scarlett and Rhett Silk Necktie Tie by Directions 1992
    available at My Vintage Clothes Line on Ruby Lane

    Vintage Spirit of St Louis Smithsonian Institution Air and Space Museum Necktie Tie 1976 Made by Prince Consort
    available at My Vintage Clothes Line on Ruby Lane

    Vintage 1970s Full Length Ladies Leather Coat Made in Mexico for Skin Gear
    available at My Vintage Clothes Line on Ruby Lane
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