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Fresh Vintage - May 18 - May 24

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Fresh Vintage' started by amandainvermont, May 18, 2023.

  1. amandainvermont

    amandainvermont VFG Member

    Check out some of the most recent listings vintage clothing and accessories listings from members of the Vintage Fashion Guild. And stand out in fine authentic vintage pieces.


    Advertisement in 1926 Paris Vogue.
  2. poppysvintageclothing

    poppysvintageclothing VFG Member Staff Member VFG Past President

  3. BlackLotusVintage

    BlackLotusVintage VFG Board Member

  4. Joyatri

    Joyatri VFG Member

  5. Straylight Vintage

    Straylight Vintage VFG Member

  6. Straylight Vintage

    Straylight Vintage VFG Member

  7. amandainvermont

    amandainvermont VFG Member

    Oh Cynthia, that 1930s Crochet Purse is terrific.
  8. 1960s pleated velvet cloche or bucket style hat
    pleated designed cloche velvet black hat 1960s.png

    Late 40s straw hat with large roses
    40s black straw boater hat tilt large flowers.png

    1980 wide red leather belt with a huge black buckle. Multi sizes.


    1960s never used blue wallet
    pale blue unused 60s wallet white designs vintage.png

    1930s vintage elaborately carved creamy yellow floral celluloid pin
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  9. Noble Vintage Clothier

    Noble Vintage Clothier VFG Board Member

  10. Vintage Runway

    Vintage Runway VFG Member

  11. MagsRags

    MagsRags VFG President Staff Member

    Listed yesterday at MagsRags.net, and SOLD! this morning, this 30s satin cone bra by Wonder-Bra. Isn't it a beauty?
  12. denisebrain

    denisebrain VFG Vice President Staff Member VFG Past President

  13. Straylight Vintage

    Straylight Vintage VFG Member

  14. Straylight Vintage

    Straylight Vintage VFG Member

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