Fur help please?

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  1. Msluvabargain

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    Any help identifying these 2 would be greatly appreciated. The darker brown is a furrier made shawl, the lighter looks like someone hand made a piece from something else. I can post more photos if needed.

    I love how you can identify furs so easily without even touching! Lol

    Can you offer tips on comparing/identifying mink vs sable?

    Tips on identifying Sheared furs by sight?

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  2. Furwise

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    Hi there,

    The darker colored stole is mink and I need to see a full photo of the light colored fur.

    Tips on identifying mink vs. sable.

    Sable is very light, feels soft, and silky. It is the second densest fur out of all land animals. This is not due to the thickness of the fur but rather the number of fur fibers per square inch. The color of sable can be dark or light but it is always a variation of brown with the exception of some also having silver tips mixed in.

    Mink is also soft but it is heavier, does not have as much density, the fur is shorter than sable, and there are many different colors.

    The only way to identify sheared fur by sight is to be able to see that the fur has been shaven or is closer to the skin than the natural length of the fur type being looked at.
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  3. Msluvabargain

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    Here is another photo of lighter fur, almost seems like mink but shorter.

    Thank you for the sable tips, I am still learning that one.

    I should have posed the Sheared fur question better, how are you able to tell Sheared beaver from Sheared mink , for example, by sight?

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  4. Furwise

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    Hi again,

    I actually cannot tell by sight on this one. I'd really need to touch it in person. I can only tell that it's real.
  5. Msluvabargain

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    Thank you for your help
  6. Furwise

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    You're welcome. Sorry I couldn't help more with the last one.

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