Fur ID, date and help reading label

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  1. acceber

    acceber Registered Guest

    I can’t make out what that label says. I think it’s M?. ?eyul & Co Mfg Furriers 378-380 Genesee St Buffalo, NY

    Just not sure what the question marks would be.

    Any idea how old this might be and what the fur is? Thank you!

    06318A45-5F78-45D0-B077-4AAA128614A1.jpeg 78FAD90E-EB4F-46E6-AB49-32E8E0E8C17B.jpeg 445D6CBF-5BE0-433F-9965-D052B8C87B53.jpeg 1A323EDA-E6CD-41DC-9ED2-941F919028C6.jpeg E503CB2C-FF9D-4F4D-B3E5-E0279B5C19F9.jpeg A1E4EC2A-8B91-4067-B36A-5F3F90F5B5E8.jpeg 9E97E5B9-0DF6-4357-8800-E37B283D7B9F.jpeg A0533810-1345-45F2-9685-C75E7F793185.jpeg
  2. lkranieri

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    It’s M. Segal & Co. and in a database to which I subscribe I found a 1920 article about a fur sale at the Segal store.
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  3. acceber

    acceber Registered Guest

    Oh that helps. Thank you! I could not figure it out and googling the address wasn’t any help.
  4. Furwise

    Furwise Administrator Staff Member

    The pelts look like some sort of weasel fur but I can't identify it more than that.

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