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  1. Andrea shundich

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    Hi, to help you with further information and to date your item, please also post full images of it front and back, showing it's shape.
  3. Andrea shundich

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    Thankyou I also have a bright yellow fur from Abrams’ I think it’s 60’s
    838B56CE-77B0-4BF4-8411-5C9546B11DCD.jpeg 2D2C8AA0-38A6-4283-A96F-ECC740341E78.jpeg 96091666-4812-412C-8BDD-1105130E8CD6.jpeg

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  4. Furwise

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    Hi there,

    Very pretty. It's phantom sheared beaver and from how it appears on the hanger, the look of the label, and the bit of the lining I can see it looks like it dates to the 80s.

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