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    So, this coat is the item that was returned to me as "unwearable". I thought I was very upfront with the description and the condition, but she disagreed. When I bought this coat the fur on the cuffs was removed. I am not the best at sewing so I tacked them back on, but I wasn't exactly precise in that the area that is "shorn" off wasn't in the right location. It was my belief that this wasn't a defect, but part of the design of the coat. The shorn parts were supposed to be that way because they were supposed to face the inside of the coat and rub against the coat. Am I correct in this reasoning? I can't see why it would be shorn for no reason. Thanks! :)

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    Hi again, Sadly the fox fur on that cuff is extremely damaged. The fur is not sheared. It was probably loved and enjoyed quite a bit, that portion of the cuff was most likely originally on the inside, and it rubbed against the body of the coat. The guardhairs in that area have completely broken off and the underfur has almost completely worn down to the skin. I am so sorry.
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    Thank you! No worries, I do believe if it's positioned correctly it will still be a lovely coat. I suppose you could always remove them, but I do find the shorter part not noticeable if turned inward. <3

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