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    I have a greyish mink fur coat from Bruno furs around 1950's given to my Grandma (Nana) Salerno by acting Mobb Boss Tony Accado, my grandpa was insurance agent for his made men at the time, it was a gift to her with her name embroidered on the inside, Rosyna. It's in mint condition, still in the wrapper from being dry cleaned at Goldblatt's in Chicago. It's out of business now. The tag says BRUNO AND JOSEPH FURS and has a shoals with it cream color. Does anyone know what something like this might be worth. It was handed to her in a box at my father's Bday around 1950's and only worn to mob funct

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    Hi Mike, Check the completed listings on eBay. They can help give you an idea of what similar items are currently selling for. We could help you with identification but we can't help you determine worth.

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