Get the Look: Barbie and Ken ~ VFG Fashion Parade for the week of February 11th

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    Get the Look: Barbie and Ken

    In honor of the 60th birthday of the ever youthful and fashionable doll and of her perpetual dream date, the VFG Fashion Parade this week is devoted to Barbie and Ken.

    Wearing miniature wardrobes worthy of Best Dressed lists, these style icons have ignited and inspired young interest in fashion from 1959 to the present. Since the early days, Barbie has undergone many transformations, changed races and faces, run for President, been a paleontologist and a rock star. She has had over 150 careers and broke the plastic ceiling when she reached the moon four years before Neil Armstrong.

    This week we are focusing especially on the first decade of Barbie and Ken, the years that might be considered their most iconic. With names like “Gay Parisienne” and “Golden Elegance,” Barbie’s early outfits were detailed and coordinated, while Ken managed to be everything from doctor to baseball player to sailor.

    Ever wished you could dress like Barbie or Ken? We’re here for you, with authentic vintage clothing suitable for the full-sized versions of this stylish pair of dolls.
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    Make your own Barbie look!
    Right from Barbie's birth year 1959 is this dress pattern with two skirt versions: Simplicity 2910

    Big, fullskirted evening gowns were always a staple of Barbie's wardrobe... McCalls 3001 from the 50s

    Early 60s sleeveless blouse and skirt - could be right out of Barbie's chic wardrobe! Ringier 12167
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    Some more fashion inspiration perhaps?

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  6. barbie4.jpg
    Vintage 1960s Black Persian Lamb Stroller Coat Mink Collar and Cuffs

    Vintage 1960s Pink Nightgown and Robe Peignoir Set

    And, Barbie outfits always had plenty of accessories.......

    Vintage 1960s Beige Fur Felt Breton Hat Winner Original

    Vintage 1960s Helmet Style Hat Brown Wool Felt

    Vintage 1960s Hansen White Cotton Gloves Suede Supreme Colorful Ribbon Trim

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    Reminds me so much of Barbie's mix & match Pak items - early 60s sports separates pattern McCalls 6207

    Barbie had some really cute shirtwaist dresses in her wardrobe too... make it with Simplicity 3274, also early 60s

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