Get the Look: Betty Grable ~ VFG Fashion Parade for the week of July 10th

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    WWII’s best known pin-up girl, movie star Betty Grable, had this to say about her famous “Million Dollar Legs” in a 1943 issue of LIFE magazine: “They are fine for pushing the foot pedals in my car”. You tell ‘em, Betty!
    Betty's talents encompassed far more than just showing off a body part or two. Dancing, singing and starring in many 1940s films and musicals, she became the biggest box-office draw in the world in 1943, and the highest paid entertainer in the world in 1947.
    This week, we celebrate the look of Ms. Grable and the Golden Age of Hollywood musicals: circa 1940s and early 50s, Hollywood-worthy evening wear and accessories, plus 40s- and 50s-style shorts, dance/sports attire, and play-clothes--all ready to get a “leg up” on summer!

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    We could see Betty wearing this Rose Marie Reid tucked bathing suit (lightened slightly to try to show those wonderful tucks better!). Private message for details and/or to purchase, please.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Denise, love the feather bolero!!
  10. betty grable xmas.jpg
    Just couldn't resist posting this beautiful photo of Betty Grable getting ready for the Holidays!!!!!
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    1940s evening gown & matching bag B34

    1940s evening/party dress pattern Meyer 9957 B37

    1940s sports skirt & blouse pattern Marie Claire 3817 B38
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  13. [​IMG]
    I had to post that I had the play set and skirt made from this pattern. the exact set. Made in the 1940s.
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    Wow. So did I. I never thought mine was homemade, but it looked exactly like this.
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    Just between us girls!
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