Get The Look: Happy Birthday, Madonna! ~ VFG Fashion Parade for the week of August 14th

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    Get into the Groove and wish a happy birthday to the ever outspoken provocative pop star, AIDS advocate, actress and style icon, Madonna! From her humble beginnings as a dancer in New York City, she burst onto the club dance music scene and quickly became a superstar. She is known primarily for her chameleon-like persona, constantly reinventing her personal style and pushing boundaries as an artist. Her style runs the gamut; from messy layered dancer, championing the 'underwear as outerwear' trend, to the now-legendary Vogue bullet bra designed by Jean Paul Gaultier (mixed with sleek tailored suits), or a 1940s-inspired silhouette for the film Evita, just to cite a few. Over her 30-plus year career no one is as creative or consistent as Madge.

    Be our Lucky Star in vintage lingerie: primarily, bustiers, men's undergarments like boxers and tanks, crinolines, crop tops, anything black lace, tube skirts and body con dresses, tights and hosiery, slip dresses, spike heeled boots, graphic graffiti-like prints, kangol hats & berets, sequins, cropped leather jackets, worn, ripped denim, pinstripe suits, kimonos, red carpet-worthy gowns, pearl and beaded necklaces, cross-motif items, rosary beads, chunky statement belts, and don't forget the bangle bracelets!

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    1970s ultra high heeled boots EU 39.5 US 9 UK 7

    1960s light blue full slip with lace trim B37

    1980s jeans skirt with lace petticoat and top / crop top pattern Burda 6045 S M L

    1980s men's boxer shorts sewing pattern Burda 5229

    1970s full or half slip pattern Simplicity 9115 B36
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    A couple of 1980s dresses, the first with an asymmetrical hem:

    and one made of black lace with a huge satin bow
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    This parade wasted NO time getting INTO THE GROOVE!

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    Pre fame street photography early 80s

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