Get the Look: Iris Apfel -The VFG Fashion Parade for the week of July 6th

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    Get the Look: Iris Apfel

    This week we celebrate the exuberantly eclectic style of the nonagenarian starlet, Iris Apfel.

    In 1950, Apfel, along with her husband Carl, founded Old World Weavers, which specialized in the reproduction of antique fabrics. Among their clients were nine residents of The White House and Greta Garbo. Iris's passion for textiles, along with clothing and accessories, was fueled by collecting from markets all over the world.

    In 2005, at the age of 84, Iris Apfel became a celebrity when her style was presented at the Metropolitan Museum. The movie Iris celebrates her singular approach to fashion and life, and in 2018 she published her first book, Iris Apfel: Accidental Icon.

    How to get the Iris Apfel look? Start with clothing in vibrant colors, bold prints, and textures, and accessorize by the ton with statement-making jewelry from around the world and all eras. Wear the biggest glasses you can find. Add confidence. The Trade Members of the VFG are here to help you be your own rara avis, in celebration of this incredible woman.
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    Photos are clickable links

    On Etsy, a red silk shirred and quilted bomber style jacket

    And a 60s skirt & jacket suit in orange & pink tweed

    On, an emerald green silk shantung double breasted jacket

    And an 80s hand-blocked cocoon coat by Ignacio Peri

    Finally, a two piece 70s set from Pat Sandler - these are the palazzo pants, and come with a matching sheer chiffon shirt that I showed off last week for the Sheer parade!
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