Gigantic Vintage Warehouse Sale Coming Soon to Nashville

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  1. A little over 15 years ago we started our vintage clothing business as a hobby, then it became our only source of income, 15 years online, 6 years of brick & mortar, now we have another business and we are having a gigantic vintage clothing warehouse sale. Most of the warehouse has not been offered to the general public for sale. There is approximately 8,000 - 10,000 pieces of vintage. The sale will be in early spring in either Atlanta or Nashville, most likely Nashville at this point. It will be priced so dealers can still resale and make a profit. More details to come...

    Just wanted the dealers here know about it and as soon as I can I will give you a date to mark your calendars. Follow us Sydney's Vintage Clothing FB and soon there will be a sign up mailing list. Thank you!
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    Exciting, I think we all have been wishing we could make the trip. I am on the West Coast or I might be tempted to make a road trip.

    Wishing you fabulous success and hoping the sale ends with an empty warehouse!

  3. Thank you, I wish ALL of y'all could come. Just for the fun of it, check out Southwest Airlines, it is fairly reasonable. I will make sure there is a empty warehouse!!!
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    I live near Nashville. I wish you a lot of luck at your show.
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    I thought about this show yesterday as lots of rain in the area.

    Hope it went well.

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