Glenover Henry Pollack Research and Identification

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    I have a great hat here that I'd like to learn more about. Does anyone know if there's a name for the corded accents on this hat? I'm also interested in finding out more information about the Glenover company and Henry Pollack in particular. Thanks!
    hat-small.jpg hat-small-2.jpg hat-small-3.jpg
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    You have two sorts of braids forming the trim there, I can't quite see close enough but the black one looks like russian braid.
  4. Glenover and Henry Pollack was the hat fabric manufacturer. What type of inner hatband does it have?
    It looks like a 1960s cloche.
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    Thank you all for your help. I've learned so much about hat construction and the role of a milliner. Thank you for all your assistance.
    Here is a close up of the braid and another of the band....

    hat-braid-1.jpg hat-band.jpg
  7. Definitely 60s.

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