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    Hi, I just purchased these boots and was just curious about their age. The brand (Golo) seemed to be big in the '60s and '70s, but the company still seems to be active. Here are pics...also, is the pattern supposed to be daisies? For reference, the boots hit right at the knee (maybe a nudge below). The only mention of the brand is inside the boot...on the insole.

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    Nice boots! I wouldn't call them daisies, just a stylised flower.

    I don't know a huge amount about shoes/boots but I don't think these are 60s, maybe 70s or later.

    We do have people on these forums who know their footwear so hopefully someone will come along to help. It might help if you can show the shape of the toe from the top. A pic of the insole would help too, but I realize that might be difficult.
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  3. stlthriftygirl

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    Here are additional pictures of the heel and the toe. The heel detail almost looks like a flower bud...really cute! Unfortunately, I could not snap a photo of the Golo logo. I actually have a boot with a similar style (these boots will be replacing them!). The floral pattern, though, does not feel like a modern iteration. Leans very '70s, early '80s (reminds me a bit of that 80s paisley).

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    I am thinking 80s now. Really nice too.
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