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Grease-the VFG parade for the week of March 13th

Discussion in 'PUBLIC VFG Fashion Parades' started by carla rey, Mar 12, 2023.

  1. carla rey

    carla rey VFG Member

    45 years after its release, Grease is still the Word! Adapted from the original live theatrical production, the film follows two teenagers from different worlds - Australian good girl Sandy Olsson (played by the late-great Olivia Newton-John) and American greaser Danny Zuko (played by a 22 year-old John Travolta, fresh off his star-making film debut in Saturday Night Fever), who fall in love over the summer of 1958, only to discover that they now attend the same suburban high school. Upon its release in 1978, Grease was an instant box office smash, becoming the highest-grossing film musical ever at the time. Besides the catchy, unforgettable tunes we all know and love, the film serves up an eye-popping extravaganza of fabulous '50s style ranging from T-Bird greasers and Pink Ladies to Rydell High cheerleaders and jocks, as well as elaborate dance numbers and dream sequences. This week the VFG is hopelessly devoted to mid-century fashion as we mark Grease's 45th anniversary.
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  2. The Vintage Merchant

    The Vintage Merchant Administrator Staff Member

  3. thespectrum

    thespectrum VFG Member Staff Member

    From my sold archives
    1950s-1960s spring-o-lators and spike mules




  4. Luna Junction

    Luna Junction VFG Member

  5. Ranch Queen Vintage

    Ranch Queen Vintage Administrator

  6. trufaux

    trufaux VFG Member

  7. poppysvintageclothing

    poppysvintageclothing VFG Member Staff Member VFG Past President

  8. denisebrain

    denisebrain VFG Vice President Staff Member VFG Past President

  9. MagsRags

    MagsRags VFG President Staff Member

    Photos are clickable links

    Just listed at Magsrags.net, a fabulous Bad Girl bustier top embellished with rhinestones & pearls, by Koret of California

    Also at MagsRags.net, a zipfront Men's gab work jacket, size medium to large

    New Old Stock rockabilly ankle strap peeptoe heels

    In my Etsy shop, another Bad Girl classic, a 50s button-up black cardigan embellished with rhinestones and fringe

    And a classic (virginal) Good Girl 50s evening dress
  10. Aintweswank

    Aintweswank VFG Member

    From my personal collection.

    Party dress by Modern Masters Fuller Fabrics “Evening Enchantment” Marc Chagal. 43B79CC3-90D2-400E-934B-77D8ABBD0CB5.jpeg

    Hand-painted party dress with felt flowers and leaves. Marjorie Montgomery California. AA778F9F-A4DD-4739-89F4-64443B5D2BE6.jpeg

    Matching shoes and evening clutch by Gainsborough Florida. Hand crafted and numbered. F28C78A6-E713-440F-9A3B-02FA40F41C2C.jpeg
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  11. Retro Kandy Vintage

    Retro Kandy Vintage VFG Member

    1950s Confetti Lucite Cigarette Case

    Late 50s/ Early 60s Billie Jo Cardigan Sweater

  12. Retro Kandy Vintage

    Retro Kandy Vintage VFG Member

    Wow! Those dresses are gorgeous!
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  13. poppysvintageclothing

    poppysvintageclothing VFG Member Staff Member VFG Past President

    Love those dresses and shoes and matching clutch from your personal collection, Kathy!
    Some great 50s items in this week's hommage to Grease!
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  14. dollsntrolls

    dollsntrolls VFG Member

  15. duckskirt.png
    Vintage 1950s Novelty Duck Print Circle Skirt Cotton

    And, to wear with the Duck Print Circle Skirt, here is a 1950s Powder Blue Cashmere Cardigan Sweater Made by Dalton

    Finally, for the true Greaser in everyone......
    Vintage 1950s Blatt of Chicago Motorcycle Biker Jacket Black Horsehide Leather


    My Vintage Clothes Line on Rubylane

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  16. Vintage Runway

    Vintage Runway VFG Member

  17. Aintweswank

    Aintweswank VFG Member

    The biker jacket is to die for!
  18. 1970s white leather and clear vinyl slide shoes
    heels on white leather vinyl pin up grease shoes 1970s slides mules-PhotoRoom.png-PhotoRoom.png

    1960s pattern for short shorts, bermudas and cigarette pants
    50 60s butterick shorts bermudas cigarette pants pattern.jpg

    A 1950s wrap around pencil skirt pattern
    simplicty wrap around pencil skirt pattern.jpg

    1950s full skirt and bolero jacket pattern
    50s circle skirt & bolero pattern.jpg

    1950s lipstick red crinoline half slip with ruffles
    red crinoline ruffle slip,50s 2.png
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  19. Aintweswank

    Aintweswank VFG Member

    MONTGOMERY WARD FALL AND WINTER CATALOG 1951-52. 3386BF4A-B032-40AC-988F-C54273174617.jpeg
  20. Retro Ruth

    Retro Ruth VFG Member Staff Member

    I was hoping someone would post a black leather bike jacket! Wouldn't be Grease without one!

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