Harrods Men's Cashmere Coat

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    Hello there,

    Hope you can help me with dating a charcoal coat I've inherited. It's labelled as 'Harrods Tailored by Chester Barrie' and the internal pocket label has the size and 'Q4/4126/1', which I've had no luck in deciphering as a date. It's full length and pure cashmere. Any help gratefully received...!

    Many thanks,

    image_2.jpeg image_3.jpeg image.jpeg
  2. joules

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    Hi Dave.
    Looking good so far, and could we please see some views of the entire garment, in order to assist in dating it?
  3. tickeryboo

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    the Harrods label is a late 70s font and the little label showing lining in viscose tells me the coat is probably 70s or 80s at the latest. i have a lovely customer who used to work for Chester Barrie and as a tailors they were second to none. a coat made by Chester Barrie for Harrods would be of the utmost quality as is this coat and it was probably made specifically for a customer at Harrods. the letters and numbers on the ticket denote the individual order number. 42S is the size, it means 42" chest and short length, but it will actually be for a 40" chest (in men's tailoring they always add a size on for movement and comfort), so for the actual measurement you go down a size. though don't be surprised if when you measure it the chest is something like 44", that is because at that time they were made to wear over a suit. however you can't give 44 as the size of the coat as the shoulders and sleeves won't be right for that size!!!!! mens tailored clothing is very confusing, but i'm working my way around it!

    lovely coat and a good find
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  4. dawwaddell

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    Thank you very much for your replies. My guess was late 70s as well. Below are a couple more photos which may help to date it. It's beautifully made, which makes it all the worse that it's just slightly too short...!
    IMG_3968.jpg IMG_3966.jpg

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