Has anyone seen this Wrangler tag?

Discussion in 'PUBLIC Vintage Label Q & A' started by Riley, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. Riley

    Riley Registered Guest

    Hello! I just bought these off-white Wrangler jeans from a local Goodwill, intending to resell them. I noticed there is a tag on the fly on the inside on the jeans. Does anyone know what this means, maybe what year it’s from? Thank you! 665E4823-D49C-4C47-A9C5-2CEA3529A231.jpeg
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  2. themerchantsofvintage

    themerchantsofvintage Administrator Staff Member

    We do not do valuations here, but with photos of the jeans and any other labels we may be able to help with dating.
  3. Riley

    Riley Registered Guest

    I’m sorry, I didn’t know. I edited my post. Thank you!
  4. Riley

    Riley Registered Guest

    I’m sorry, I’m still very new at this. I think the WPL number is 6480. Does that mean anything?

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