Hat label for Blue Mound with Millinery Assoc of America

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    Any information on Blue Mound. Have not found any info on the Millinery Association of America either (but it was approved by the National Committee on Correct Style). I'm dating this cloche to 1920s blue mound 6.jpg blue mound 8.jpg
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    I agree with your dating of the 1920s. It is very pretty! Many hat linings/labels are not necessarily the name of the manufacturer or hat company. Often the name on the lining is a "line" of hats that a hat manufacturer would make for a certain year or season. So "Blue Mound" might be the group of hats made that year or season, to appeal to a certain type of woman or to her budget, etc. Although it could be the name of the hat company, I am not familiar with that name. Maybe others might know more if they have access to online subscription research sources.

    I have not seen Blue Mound on a hat in my many years of collecting. Great to see.
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    My computer rebooted itself when one of the cats walked across the keyboard and I lost the references I found to Blue Mound and the National Committee on Correct Style (I love that name). Each of the two things here are from 1928 and absolutely everything else I found was also dated 1928. So, it seems to have been a short-lived logo and I think you can safely date your hat to then.

    I am sorry that the first ad is too small to read, but the text under the words TURNS to HATS says:

    "What poise ~ what assurance ~ in a well-tailored hat! What satisfaction in naming your milliner as talk turns to hats! Now there's a Seal of Distinction for women's hats ~ an emblem of milliners proud of their creations. You'll see it at your milliner's ~ "Associate Member ~ The National Committee on Correct Style." A guarantee of more than correct style ~ it signifies a high quality of standard in materials plus deft workmanship. You may purchase with utmost confidence and assurance from milliners who display this seal.

    The following trade-marked hats carry the seal of approval of the National Committee on Correct Style: Acme, Blue Mound, Brookwood, Classique, Cleverlie, Crestwood, Hillcrest, Kingdon, Knollwood, Merivale, Modern Girl, Parkdale, Paulette, Prestige, Sunnybrook, Yorkshire

    You can see that some of the trade-marked hat names appear in the second ad.

    NOTE: Please do not use either of these ads to sell your hats, as they are copyrighted and are posted here only for educational purposes. Thank you.


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    One more 1928 (piece of an) article...

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