Hats off to the Derby! VFG Fashion Parade for the week of May 5th

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    Hats off to the Derby!

    In 1875, when Col. Meriwether Lewis Clark Jr. founded the Kentucky Derby, horse racing was a rough affair in the United States. Clark and his wife sought to dignify and ennoble the race by inviting high society families and issuing a dress code. Hats were a necessary part of dress at the time, and the elegance of the attendees clothing was much noted in the press. The emphasis on hats as part of a coordinated outfit for the Derby lasted into the 1960s, when hat wearing fell off in the general public.

    But then, instead of disappearing, Derby hats became a singular force, with flamboyant toppers for women and men a main attraction at the race. With ebbs and flows, the tradition has continued, and even increased in recent years. This week of the 145th running of the famous horse race, the VFG celebrates Derby hats with the most splendid hats from all eras available in our shops.
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    Vintage 1980s Mr. John Classic Large Straw Hat With Floral Spray

    Vintage 1950s Black Straw Cartwheel Hat With White Roses

    From Our Sold Archives

    Vintage 1980s Ruth Kropveld Chapeau Creations Wide Brim Straw Hat Silk Rose

    Vintage 1970s Jack McConnell Straw Hat Red Feather One of a Kind

    My Vintage Clothes Line on Ruby Lane

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    At The Vintage Merchant:

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    This circa 1912 hat was actually worn at the Kentucky Derby back when it was the latest style. Camille Roger, Paris. Ivory silk panne' plush boater with ostrich plumes, silk sash & carved mother-of-pearl buckle. From the SOLD Archives.

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    And THIS hat is a 1990s Edwardian reproduction by English milliner Sandra Phillips.

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    Aaaaahmazing hats, Barbara!
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    Barbara, I second that emotion!
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  16. All of these lovely hats are WINNERS!!!!!

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