Hearts and Flowers for Our Valentines! ~ VFG Fashion Parade for the week of February 6th

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    Although the phrase "hearts and flowers" has sometimes been used in English to denote extreme sentimentality in a negative sense, this week we at the VFG say, "What's wrong with wearing our hearts (and flowers) on our sleeves?"
    :wub: :wub: :wub:
    Whether lushly romantic, abstract, or tongue-in-cheek, florals and novelty heart prints remind us of the burgeoning new life of the spring season. Show us any and all floral and heart prints, especially in spring fabrics. Don't forget to include accessories and jewelry, like 1940s "sweetheart pins", other heart or flower shaped jewelry, printed scarves, neckties, etc.

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  6. germanapron copy.jpg
    Vintage 1950s Apron Green Satin Souvenir of Germany "Don't Kiss Me I'm Busy"!

    floralbeadedpurse copy.jpg
    Vintage 1950s Beaded Evening Bag Hand Made in France

    floralhat copy.jpg
    Vintage 1980s Mr. John Classic Large Straw Hat Floral Spray

    My Vintage Clothes Line on Ruby Lane
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    1960s NOS full slip with flower print
    1960s large flower brooch
    1960s large plastic flower brooch
    1930s celluloid flower brooch
    1980s large heart brooch
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    Flowery music for your enjoyment!

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    Hate to see this love parade go -- Happy Valentines' Day, everybody!

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